My day started with hitchhiking from our slip at the Olympic Marina to the nearby town of Lavrion. From there I took an hour long bus ride to Athens, and then made my way around the city to see as much as I could.

This view of the iconic Acropolis hilltop complex is from Areopagus Hill. This hilltop vantage point was formerly used as the Greek supreme court.

I didn’t actually go up to the Acropolis since it was another hot day of walking around on crutches. My walk to the Acropolis site from the Athens bus station was already longer than I expected and I just couldn’t get myself to pay the
€20 entrance fee and then be too tired and sore to spend time up there wandering around.

By the time I got back to Brava I had crutched over 12 kilometers. That’s too far to crutch on a blazing hot day.

Location: Athens, Greece