Month: September 2018

Black Sand Beach

Looking West over the famous Reynisfjara black sand beach. Location: Near Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland

Puffins at Reynisfjara

Puffins are fast! They also like to nest on cliffsides that aren’t always easy to access by land. I managed to capture this little guy coming in for…


Skógafoss is 25 m wide and plunges 60 m to a pool that you can walk right up to – of course you’re going to get wet! Location:…


Seljalandsfoss has a 60 m drop and has a path that enables you to walk the undercut cliff right around behind the waterfall. Location: South Region, Iceland

Grassy Pastures

Next to the abundant sheep, horses are the most common animal seen grazing in the vast grassy pastures around Iceland. Location: South Region, Iceland

Atlantic Puffin

This cute little Atlantic Puffin is just chilling in the grass before a busy day at sea. Location: Reynisfjara, Iceland

Happy Place

There are worse spots to live. It’s a common sight to see little farms or houses at the base of giant waterfalls pouring out of the highlands. Location:…