Month: January 2009

Walking to an Evening Session

These surfers are heading out for an evening surf session on the perfect point break wave at El Sunzal. Location: El Sunzal, Playa el Tunco, El Salvador

Fishing in the Surf

Local fishermen using a net to trap fish in the surf. Location: El Zonte, El Salvador

Point Break at El Zonte

There was a nice wave at El Zonte but the locals weren’t super friendly. After a few days here I made my way to Playa El Tunco and…

Russ on a Bus

I left San Cristobal de las Casas early in the morning, in order to get as far into Guatemala as possible, with the hopes of eventually making my…

Walking on Lava

Getting this close to lava is quite an experience. First of all, it’s hot! Even on a cold, rainy evening, it’s pretty easy to warm up when you’re…