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Hraunfossar Waterfall

Hraunfossar was one of my favourite waterfalls because of the unique nature of the falls. Water flows through the porous lava rock for 900 metres from the Hallmundarhraun…

Waterfall Between Continents

At Þingvellir National Park, Öxaráfoss pours into the gap between the western side of the Eurasian and eastern side of the North American tectonic plates. Location: Thingvellir National…

Walking the Coastline

There are a couple cute lighthouses near Hópsnesviti and the walk along the coastline here was wonderful. Location: Near Hópsnesviti, Iceland

Lonely Little Church

Lonely little churches like this one were a common sight throughout Iceland. Location: West Coast Region, Iceland

Sheep in Threes

Throughout Iceland we noticed that the sheep were often found in small groups of three. Where there were larger herds in a field it seemed that they were…


The powerful Gullfoss can be visited from both sides of the river. This photo is taken from the west side. The scale and power of this waterfall is…


Likely the most photographed waterfall in Iceland due to the stunning Kirkufell Mountain in the background. Location: Grundarfjordur, Iceland

Northern Lights at Kirkufell

I woke up in the middle of the night and made the drive from my campsite in town to Kirkufellsfoss just in time to capture this photo before…

Another Roadside Attraction

With Eiríksjökull looming in the background this is a pretty scenic spot for a bathroom break. Location: Holtavörðuheiði, Iceland

Dettifoss in Rainbows

For being the largest and most powerful waterfalls in Iceland, and indeed, all of Europe, Dettifoss is hidden where you really wouldn’t expect a waterfall of this size….

Waterfall of the Gods

The beautiful Goðafoss, the waterfall of the gods. Location: Northeastern Region, Iceland

Þingeyrakirkja Church & Cemetary

The current Þingeyrar Church was built in 1877 from stones quarried in Nesbjörgkliffen. The stones were placed on a sled and dragged from the quarry across a frozen…

Þingeyrakirkja Stone Archway

The beautiful stone archway over a cobblestone path leading to the front entrance of the church. Location: Þingeyrar, near Blönduós, Iceland

Kolugljúfur Waterfall

This pretty little waterfall is on the Víðidalsá river near Kolugil Farm. It’s visible from the highway bridge where the calm waters of the valley plunge into a…

Church at Thingvellir

Little church at Þingvellir proudly flying the Icelandic flag on a windy day. Location: Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

Gullfoss Sunset

By the time we left Gullfoss, the parking lot was totally empty. We were treated to this beautiful sunset before we took off to set up camp for…

Icy Playground

These icebergs were piled up on the shoal at the leeward side of the lake where a short river flowed into the Atlantic Ocean. The rain was pouring…

Random Roadside Waterfall

I’m sure this waterfall has a name but we just named it One Thousand One. Or was it Two Thousand One? Location: West Coast Region, Iceland

Black Sand Beach

Looking West over the famous Reynisfjara black sand beach. Location: Near Vík í Mýrdal, Iceland

Puffins at Reynisfjara

Puffins are fast! They also like to nest on cliffsides that aren’t always easy to access by land. I managed to capture this little guy coming in for…


Skógafoss is 25 m wide and plunges 60 m to a pool that you can walk right up to – of course you’re going to get wet! Location:…


Seljalandsfoss has a 60 m drop and has a path that enables you to walk the undercut cliff right around behind the waterfall. Location: South Region, Iceland

Atlantic Puffin

This cute little Atlantic Puffin is just chilling in the grass before a busy day at sea. Location: Reynisfjara, Iceland

Happy Place

There are worse spots to live. It’s a common sight to see little farms or houses at the base of giant waterfalls pouring out of the highlands. Location:…