The Solkan Bridge (Solkanski most) is a train bridge made of stone blocks and crosses over the beautiful Soča River.

It is the longest stone bridge in the world with an overall length of 219.7 meters and also has the largest single span of any stone bridge in the world at 85 meters.

The original bridge was built between 1904 and 1905 and was officially opened for rail traffic in 1906. But during the First World War the bridge was destroyed to prevent the invading forces from using it. It was rebuilt in a very similar fashion starting in 1925 for a re-opening in 1927, and this is the bridge that still stands today.

The bridge was also a target in the Second World War, but suffered only minimal damage from bomb attacks and was able to be repaired. The most significant of the bomb attacks was a direct hit, but luckily the bomb (that surely would have destroyed the bridge) didn’t explode.

Location: Solkan, near Nova Gorica, Slovenia