I can tell it’s going to be a hot day. It’s early still, but there’s not a cloud in the sky and already it’s nearly 28°C.

As I’m eating my breakfast up in the cockpit of my boat, I see some sea kayakers paddling towards me from shore. Neither are wearing shirts but they both have stylish sunglasses.

I hear one say to his buddy “I told you we’d make it to the islands today!”

They’ve obviously rented these kayaks for the day and I can’t help but think they’re in for a world of hurt if they think they’re going to paddle out to the islands and back today. It’s about a 35km trip and even for an experienced kayaker this would be a pretty big day. Especially in this heat. I’m thinking to myself that I hope they’re wearing sunscreen and I’m also tempted to tell them that they’re holding their asymmetrical paddles upside down.

The same guy who was so excited about making it to the islands today turns around and looks at the shore which is 100 meters behind them, and proudly announces to his friend “We’re making good time!”

I busted up laughing! He’s only gone 100 meters – 34.9 km to go – and he’s already super psyched that they’re making good time.

I didn’t bother telling them about their paddles.