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Soul Surfer

Mexico, 2007-05-18

You have to see this girl. Her name is Bethany Hamilton.

There are some big surf contests rolling into Puerto Escondido in the next couple of weeks. The waves here are great right now, and a lot of the pro surfers are here right now to ride the waves before the big contests. One of those pro surfers is Bethany Hamilton.

She was born in Hawaii, and began surfing when she was a little girl. One day when she was surfing, a shark attacked her, and bit off her left arm. She's 17 right now, and winning surf contests again. I've been in the water near her several times, and have seen how she paddles into the waves and pops up onto her feet using only one arm. Incredible. Really cute too!

She has a website you can, and should, visit.

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