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Desert Oasis of Huacachina

This is usually not what comes to mind when you think of Peru, but this is a real life desert oasis, complete with fresh water lake and palm…

Hatun Rumiyoc

The Great Incan Walls of Cusco. This photo is to illustrate just how much thought went into the stone walls of the Incas. In Incan symbology, the snake,…

Peruvian Girls in Traditional Dress

These Peruvian girls are dressed up in their finest traditional clothing. Location: Ollantaytambo, Peru

Machu Picchu

I’m sure you don’t need an explanation for Machu Picchu. And I’m not going to show you the same few photos that you’ve seen a thousand times already….

Incan Stone Masons

The Incas were the best stone masons the world has ever seen. The care they took when assembling their most sacred temples is absolutely astonishing. There is no…

Peruvian Coloured Corn

Apparently you can find corn of every imaginable colour in Peru. Judging by the colours in this woven basket, I wouldn’t bet against it. Location: Somewhere in Peru

The Uros People and the Floating Reed Islands of Lake Titicaca

The Uros People have built their own islands. Really! They harvest the reeds that grow naturally in Lake Titicaca, in Northern Peru. Once the reeds have been allowed…

La Paz

La Paz is the capital of Bolivia.

Salt Piles

Train Cemetary

A cool lineup of rusty old trains at the Train Cemetery (Cementerio de Trenes) in the Uyuni desert, Bolivia.

Roadside Repairs

I use the term roadside lightly as you really don’t even have to pull over. In the unlikely chance that another vehicle shows up they would just drive…

Salar de Uyuni

The salt flats in Bolivia are the largest in the world, boasting an impressive area of nearly 10,500 square kilometres, which means there are about 80 countries in…

Island in a Sea of Salt

These salt flats are huge, and this and a few other ‘islands’ are the only thing that aren’t perfectly flat in this sea of salt. We left our…

Jumping for Joy

At some times of the year the salt flats are covered with a few centimetres of water, and it creates a reflection that makes it nearly impossible to…

Bolivian Altiplano

The landscape of Bolivia’s altiplano is very Martian looking with its barren, red rock mountains.